Tarinstall is free software distributed under the GPL, if it breaks you keep both pieces. this program's goal is to build a program which can be used to take a standard tar package and build it, install it, and provide a set of uninstall instructions in order to perform a full uninstall. To sum it up simply this program is meant to allow for an install system that can compete in simplicity with rpm, deb, and other package handlers while maintaining the power of being able to still build straight from the source.

--===== NOTE =====--
all current versions released are considered betas which means that error detection is minimal if it is present at all, and that features may not always work as predicted (however we do attempt to keep this to a minimum.

--===== PROJECT CONTACT =====--
Koruptid ::

--===== DOWNLOAD LINK =====--
tarinstall 0.1.7
tarinstall 0.1.0 (initial release)

--===== DISCLAIMER =====--
Until i feel the urge this is all there is.... you have officially reached EOF